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The Hive {Start Here}

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The Calmpreneur Hive is our free subscriber area where you can start your journey to calm 🐝

As a Hive subscriber, you'll get access to...

  1. Strategies to overcome anxiety & overwhelm 
  2. Weekly wisdom to help you stay in control of your business (and life!)
  3. Tools to help you manage your time and get more done

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Calmpreneur Association {Membership}

Coming soon - Calmpreneur members club

Be more productive, make more money & keep stress at bay whilst growing your lifestyle business

Join our supportive community for members-only resources & training.

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Overwhelm Reset {Free Mini-Course}

Learn the three pillars you need to manage business overwhelm

Tearing your hair out over all the things you need to do?

Take this free short course and learn the three pillars of managing business overwhelm.

Regain control and stop overwhelm in its tracks 🚫

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Declutter Your Business in 10 Days {PDF Bundle}

Is business clutter is making you stressed?

Are you in danger of being swept away in a torrent of confusion, work, deadlines & technology? 😱

Get your messy paws on this PDF bundle and get ready for a cleaner, calmer business.

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Time for Calm {6 Week Course}

Master your overwhelm, reduce anxiety & get more done 💙

You can easily become a perfectly poised, planning and productivity ninja! 🤸‍♀

Prevent stress, avoid burnout and increase your efficiency.

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